Made New

Something that I find so beautiful about my relationship with the Lord is that He knows how to speak to me in a language that my heart understands.  I should not be surprised by this, He did create me after all!  Of course, He knows the perfect way to reveal the lessons that I need in perfect timing. 

I have always found understanding in metaphors.  I guess I need to be able to measure things in my human condition.  The Lord has never ceased to amaze me with the way he connects my heart to small, yet powerful things.  Things do not have to be complicated to have huge effect.

I love restoring pieces of furniture and I buy most of my clothes from thrift stores.  I consider it a total blast to wake up early on the weekend and go out hunting for beat up, broken, dirty pieces of furniture.  My husband on the other hand, does not share this interest, but I am blessed to have a man who supports me in my furniture fixing endeavors!  One of my husband’s favorite pieces of furniture in our living room is a side table that I pulled out of the trash. 

One weekend, while I was working on this side table, which only had three legs and was covered in dirt, the Lord gave me a picture of his perfect ability to restore us.  The Lord restores broken children that we see coming through the foster care system, our marriages, our families, our churches. 

I grew up in a family who was called to foster care ministry.  Foster children are often small, fragile, overlooked and broken, yet I believe our God finds these souls to be the most beautiful of all.  How amazing is it that our God allows us, the church, to hunt these treasures, pull them out of a place of brokenness, provide restoration, and place them in our homes as valuable and treasured members?  Is the journey of fostering an easy one?  No, not at all.  Despite the hardships, isn’t it one of most rewarding experiences to know that you were used to restore a soul, a life, and a future that otherwise would have been thrown aside?  Absolutely.