Jenny's Story

Jenny Goins is the Fostering Our Future Ministry Team Leader at FBC Windermere.  Jenny is a homeschooling mother of four that is graduating her last in May. With this HUGE era coming to an end, she began asking God what He would have her do with this block of time and opportunity about to open up.   

After learning about foster parent support families and respite care, Jenny realized that God was moving in her city and that she needed to be a part of it.   She set up a meeting with her pastor, Chuck Carter, and discussed what Fostering Our Future could mean for their church.  Together they established February 2017 as the target for the ministry rollout.  With a great deal of prayer, Jenny began building her team. 

The team presented the mission to the Church on February 12, 2017.   Our “Month of Missions” began the first Sunday with a message that reminded us that we are ALL called to be missionaries, but in different ways and areas. The second Sunday was local missions and how we are to be the church FOR the city and ways that we could do that. Adoption and Fostering were the emphasis that Sunday and were mentioned and promoted the rest of the month.

According to Jenny, “The rest….is HIS Story: God had this in mind all along, but we as a church needed to listen to Him. We are all called to do something for the widow and orphan as God tells us in James 1:27 and throughout Scripture; but we are not all called to do the same thing…. I am called to be the Ministry Team Leader at FBC Windermere and be the advocate for our foster families. I am not called to adopt or foster. I AM, however, called to head this ministry up at our church.”.