January 2017

January Newsletter
Grace Landing / Fostering Our Future


    We often think of the new year as a "do over." Trust Based Relational Intervention is an intervention designed for children from "hard places", but is an approach for all parents and families to use.  One of the things when disciplining children is a "do over", giving the child an opportunity to practice the appropriate way to act.  Jesus does the same for us, He forgives us our sins, remembers them no more, and gives us a chance to "do over." 

"If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." - 1 John 1:9

Trust Based Relational Interven Class
Friday, Feb 3rd 6-9pm and Saturday, Feb 4th 9-4pm
Email: judaa@gracelanding.com to register


Adoption Update

Just before Christmas one of our boys in our group home, Felix, was adopted by D and Maria.  Felix has a forever family! We love you!

Thank you for your generosity!

A big thank you to our churches who made sure our boys had a great Christmas! Also to Give Kids Safe Shelter for giving $1,000 toward Christmas.  We were able to take care of a few who came in and put two tires and buy brakes for one of the boys and repair a radiator for one of the girls. Thanks to Gaylord Palms for tickets to the ICE Show!

A big thank you to our churches who made sure our boys had a great Christmas!

  • The Vine
  • Real Life
  • Connection Church
  • Freedom Life
  • Kissimmee Christian


Fostering our Future Pastors lead the way!

When pastors lead, families foster, and volunteers support those who foster, children's lives change and our community is transformed.  Thank you for your leadership:

  • Mike Delong - The Vine
  • Jim Book - Kissimmee Christian
  • Greg Squires - Freedom Life
  • Kristi Gavern - Living Water Fellowship

A Look Back

A look back this year with Fostering our Future to see where God is leading us! 124 days ago, four pastors stepped up and put out A Call to Action to help solve the need for foster families in Osceola County.

  • 4 churches
  • 12 Ministry Team Leaders
  • 159 people responded to James 1:27 in taking care of the orphan
  • 130 went through Life on Mission: The Foster Care Journey Class
  • 30 Families were interested in fostering
  • 3 completed the PRIDE class in October
  • 3 families helping homeless girls ages 18-23
  • 6 aged out foster care and homeless boys living in the group homes
  • 38 volunteers trained

Online Equipping and Community Building

Plan Now to Join our New Online Equipping and Community Building Series based on the book “Changes That Heal; The Four Shifts That Make Everything Better…And That Anyone Can Do; By Dr. Henry Cloud (Zondervan Press, 1994).

WHO: Foster Parents and Family Support Team Members
WHERE: Fostering Our Future Members Group Page; via Facebook Live,
WHEN: Sessions are Presented the First Sunday of the month
WHAT TO EXPECT: We will apply “The Four Shifts” principles and strategies to our personal lives and the work of foster care ministry.

Download Presentation Notes from the Members Facebook Page click “Info” - scroll down - click “File”; See PDF titled “Changes That Heal Session Notes” and click. Feel Free to invite friends to join or host a small group at church or home and follow the series.Copyright © 2017 Grace Landing, All rights reserved. 
Thanks for partnering with Grace Landing!