December 2016

Fostering Our Future

Fostering Our Future would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. As we celebrate the birth of our Savior this season I see the hurts of our youth and families. Healing begins with a simple apology and hug. Consider restoring a broken relationship in your family this Christmas season.


It was great to enjoy time with our Ministry Team Leaders, pastors, homeless youth, host families and new foster families; celebrating what everyone is doing as we work together to help vulnerable children. One of our young ladies shared her story, blessing all of us. (Wish I had remembered to take a picture when everyone was there!)

Congratulations to one of our young ladies who now has a car! She wanted to get one before she started Valencia in January. She is so proud! She saved enough to make a down payment on car insurance, her tag, and first time owner fee. Someone from her church sold it to her for $1 because they had been given the car for $1. Passing forward and blessing others!


Ravyn finished high school today! A big step for him!


A big thank you to TJMaxx for not only their $5,000 grant, but for continuing to hire our homeless youth!

Also, Thank you to Publix Charities for $1500. Your financial support is greatly appreciated.

New Strategic Church Partnership -
First Baptist Church Windermere 

Heidi Steiner - Ministry Team Leader

Heidi Steiner - Ministry Team Leader

Chuck Carter - Senior Pastor

Chuck Carter - Senior Pastor

Jenny Goins - Ministry Team Leader

Jenny Goins - Ministry Team Leader


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