Why get involved?

Read why others are choosing to partner with Fostering Our Future.



"I want to be a part of restoring children's lives in Osceola County. That can happen when the faith based community partners with children and loving, Godly families in providing a stable and healthy home environment"

- Jim Book, Lead Pastor at First Christian Church of Kissimmee



"I am getting involved in Fostering Our Future because the church has been absent far too long on this matter. We are charged to “care for the orphans” and who better to help these kids fight the darkness they face then people of Light? There is a huge need and the church has the answer."

 - Hope Dillon, Worship Director at Freedom Life Church



"God cares for those who are most in need. As a family, we believe foster care children are some of the most in need in our community."

- Mike DeLong, Preaching and Lead Pastor at The Vine Church